An important message from the BPAC Chair

Dear Boundary Parents:

I will start by saying what a great year it has been at Boundary. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time or were able to attend our various events throughout the school year. We proudly raised over $25,000, which goes directly back to the school and ultimately to all of our children.

We all want our children’s time at school to be enjoyable and for them to have a sense of community. We all want to be able to support our children’s education with the tools and technology that is needed, but not always supplied. If we, as a group of parents, are able to invest some time into planning and implementing the community building and fundraising events at the school, our school community will flourish.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. I feel that the same can be said for creating an active and enriched school community. This year (and every year that I can remember), the PAC Exec team has operated with 4-6 people, who oversee and are directly involved at every event at the school. Volunteering at the school is a rewarding experience, but with limited volunteers it is not sustainable. Most active North Vancouver PAC’s consist of Exec teams of 5-10 people, in addition to separate committees and teams of volunteers dedicated to the coordination and running of events.

We are looking for help and support to make Boundary the best school it can be.

There are numerous positions available; please visit to view the positions, the requirements/duties of each position, and the rough time commitment. Again, the more help everyone can provide, the less overall commitment.

We hope to see you at the upcoming AGM, Tuesday June 20th at 7pm. We will be holding elections and voting on the 2017/2018 budget, which at present does not have any commitment to fundraising. Once we establish a solid team of parent volunteers to support each event, we can responsibly move forward with a commitment to these events.

We look forward to your continued support and thank you again for a wonderful and successful 2016/2017 school year.


Gillian Paton

Boundary PAC Chair