A Road Through Kirkstone Park?

Lynn Valley Community Association is gravely concerned about the proposed un-dedication of a portion of Kirkstone Park, as discussed at Council on Monday, January 29th, as well as the process that Council has chosen as they seek to un-dedicate this piece of the park. Did you know many of our parks are created as the result of a referendum? Once dedicated, there needs to be an additional referendum to remove a park dedication from those parks that have been dedicated by means of the assent of the electors. Kirkstone Park was created as the result of a referendum; however, Council is proposing to remove a portion of the park for the creation of a road, but without holding a referendum. No advance notice of this proposed un-dedication was given to the public. First, second, and third readings, all took place at the same time on January 29th. Council requires 10% of registered voters to oppose this proposal which would result in a referendum. This is a high threshold when voter turnout in the last election was only 24%.

For more information and to submit an elector form opposing this un-dedication please go to, http://www.dnv.org/sites/default/files/edocs/bylaw-8303-elector-response-form.pdf

You can email your scanned forms to lynnvalleyca@gmail.com and we will deliver them to District Hall. The deadline to respond is March 12 at 4 pm.