Movie night: How to Train Your Dragon

BPAC Presents How to Train Your Dragon 
Thursday, February 7, 2019
Doors 5:30pm, movie 6:00pm
Boundary Gym

Bring your family, your blankets, stuffies, pj’s and enjoy a family movie night. Pizza will be for sale at until February 5. There will also be popcorn, baked goods, candy bags, juice and water for sale at the door.

Kindly be advised that young children must be supervised at all times, inside and outside the gym during movie night. If your child is unable to remain seated during the movie or is becoming disruptive, please escort your child out of the gym and supervise them until they are able to re- enter and sit calmly during the movie. We ask older students to kindly refrain from wandering the halls as our younger students see it as an invitation to run down the halls. We also ask any older students not in the gym to offer help to younger students in need of a positive way to burn off energy. Ways we can help our friends regulate include walking them to the water fountain have a drink of water, doing stretches with them, jumping jacks, running in the spot, wall push ups, hugs, high- fives, and three deep breaths. We are a community that helps each other out!

Movie Night bake sale:  We are looking for at least two NUT FREE baking donations per class that can serve between 12-24 portions. Two thumbs up for “Valentine” or “Friendship” inspired baking! The students love the treats…

We are also looking for parent volunteers. If you are able to volunteer and help out at this event, please sing up on by clicking this link: or contact