Card Project consent form available online

Students from K-7 will partake in the ‘The Card Project’ this fall. The Card Project is a popular art-based fundraising activity that has been well received by elementary schools throughout the North Vancouver School District. The Card Project makes custom greeting cards and notebooks with students’ art. Twenty per cent of funds raised from parent purchases of items featuring their own child’s artwork will go to the school PAC.

In order for your child to receive a free copy of their unique greeting card, and the option for you to purchase additional items, you need to give consent for your child’s first name, first initial of their last name, grade, division number, name of the classroom teacher and your child’s artwork to be given to Marcelle Warnes. Marcelle is the owner and operator of The Card Project. It is a family-run business based in North Vancouver. Marcelle is not a North Vancouver School District employee. The digital version of your child’s finished artwork is stored on a secured web-server in California, and printing occurs in Burnaby, BC. Your child’s art is only available for purchase by your family. The Card Project may use the art for promotional purposes and on its website. The art will not be sold to a third party.

The consent form is available online via the BPAC Fundraising page.