The PAC Executive Team is looking for new members!

We have been fortunate to have such a tenured PAC Executive team for the past several years but for the 2022/23 school session, we’ll be looking to fill 4 positions.

Claire Ferrier, Tina Szylowski, Sabrina Ferrari, and Astrid Damberg are retiring from the PAC. Altogether they have served more than 22 years! They have dedicated countless hours to the betterment of the school. We can’t thank them enough. They will be missed!

For the hot lunch coordinator position, we’d love to find 1 or preferably 2 people to fill the role. Astrid has done an outstanding job for the last 5 years and will help support/transition the new volunteer(s). Ideally, this role will be filled before the end of the school year.

The role of hot lunch coordinator is tremendously important as this is our LARGEST fundraiser by a mile, plus it gives a break from making lunches! We can’t run the program without a coordinator.

If you are interested in joining our PAC Executive team please contact Sue at