About Us

Parent Advisory Councils, upon application to the Board of Education, are guaranteed under the school act.  PACs provide a parent voice at the school level.  All parents and guardians of students in the school are members of a school PAC.  PACs may advise the school board, principal and staff an any matter relating to the school, except matters assigned to the school planning council. Upon request, a PAC may assist the school planning council. Three members of PAC are elected to the school planning council and one to the district PAC.

Boundary’s PAC works hand in hand with the school to assist in providing the best possible programs for our students. It is important that parents take an active interest in the activities of their PAC. Through fundraising and volunteering, parents make a difference in the educational experience of their children. Boundary PAC has an executive consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Meetings are held in the evening once a month at the school.

What Is The PAC?

All Boundary Elementary parents are members of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC:

  • Supports, encourages and enhances the quality of education and welfare of students,
  • Encourages the involvement of parents and community members in the school,
  • Provides continued volunteer assistance to the Staff and Teachers,
  • Financially assists school events and programs as sponsoring body,
  • Fosters communication and unity between parents, staff, and administration,
  • Raises funds for educational resources and activities.

BCSA PAC is a Non-Profit society made up of an Executive Team (which includes Chair, Co-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) Class Representatives, and members at large from the parent community. Each PAC Member is entitled to a vote at meetings and is encouraged to attend meetings, take part in discussions and bring new ideas to the forum. Check the School Calendar for dates.

Minutes from each PAC Meeting are available on the website.

Membership to the BCSA PAC is FREE and the experience is PRICELESS!