Indigo fundraiser

Christmas is coming!  If you are shopping online this year at Chapters/Indigo, please consider ordering through our fundraising page and a percentage of your purchase will come back to Boundary PAC.  Use this link to shop: Grandparents, family and friends of the school are all able to use this link.  Happy shopping!

Save the date: This is Table Talk

This is Table Talk explores topics such as racism, the bystander effect, implicit bias and self-exploration, the lived experience of BIPOC people in the school system, and more. Details on this virtual talk coming soon.

Samosa Fundraiser

Now online! We have partnered with the Samosa Fund-raising Company to offer you not only delicious samosas, but also butter chicken, chicken strips, cordon bleu chicken, seafood, chai tea  and chutney.  Check out the web site at Place your order by October 18.