Support Our School

We are looking forward to putting on some physically distanced fundraisers this term.  Please check out our fundraising page to see what seasonal fundraisers we have!

And don’t forget our on-going fundraisers with Stong’s, Mabel’s Labels, and Cob’s Bread at Park & Tilford (just mention Boundary Elementary!)

Volunteering for the PAC

There are plenty of ways to Support Our School… volunteering to be a part of the PAC team is one of them!  For more information about volunteering on the PAC, please contact the Chair.

Have limited time on your hands but still want to help out? We also have volunteer opportunities around the school or for fundraisers so we’d love to hear from you!

Chair Sue Cleall

Vice-Chair Nicole Durnin

Co-Treasurers Elizabeth Peon Valle / Joanna Watt

Secretary Tracey O’Haggarty

Directors at Large Tania Kennedy, Leanne Menzies, Lindsay Marett, Zoe Guillemette

Hot Lunch Coordinators Nicole Pajak / Tammy Gamel

Newsletter Samantha Gutmanis

Website Michelle Chow

Specific Roles and Summary of Duties 

Chair (Executive)
Generally, the Chair supervises others in the execution of their duties.  The Chair also presides at all meetings of the PAC and of the Executive committee and is a bank signing officer.  Carries out all the functions of a President/Chair.

Vice-Chair (Executive)
Assist the Chair in the performance of their duties, and carry out the duties of the Chair in their absence.  Attend Executive meetings and be a signing officer.

Treasurer (Executive)
Keep financial records and books of account under the Societies Act, write cheques for disbursements and expenses, report on receipts and expenditures and all financial matters to the members, deposit funds and maintain bank account(s) at a registered financial institution, draft a budget, prepare and submit annual financial statements.  There is also some grant writing involved.  An accounting background/experience is required.

Secretary (Executive)
Keep minutes of all general meetings and executive committee meetings, prepare agenda and documentation for meetings, maintain the records of the PAC, act as a signing officer, submit annual report to the Registrar of Companies.

Directors at Large (Executive)
We would like some additional members to sit on the Executive, commit to attending Exec meetings, and help with events or issues as required.

Hot Lunch Coordinator
Oversee the hot lunch program.  Duties include:  deciding on lunch prices and suppliers prior to school year starting, ensuring weekly lunch coordinators are set up, setting up Munch database at the start of the year; ordering milk from Saputo a week in advance of each lunch date; following up with parents in the event of any issues or queries; opening and closing Munch if there are any fundraising events requiring tickets or food ordering; running fundraising reports as required by treasurer.  Attends Exec meetings.

Seeks out content for newsletter from Executive and others, reviews school calendar, prepares weekly newsletter and sends to Principal for distribution each Sunday.

Website and Social Media Coordinator
Maintains Boundary PAC website and Twitter and Facebook accounts. Specifically, the Web Manager is responsible for managing domain registration and hosting, establishing site design themes and set-up, editing written content for presentation on the web and related platforms, formatting digital media including photos and electronic files for posting to the site.